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Case Studies

Over 60,000 ecommerce brands trust Refersion to help manage, track and grow their ambassador, influencer and affiliate marketing programs.

Verb Products featured image
Verb Products

After partnering with Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform, Verb hair products scaled its affiliate program from 100 affiliates to 2,000 and drove affiliate-driven revenue upwards from a yearly average of $2K to almost $700K to date.

“Refersion was essential in supporting the immediate growth of our affiliate marketing program – working with Refersion allowed us to see everything in one place and scale our program beyond what we imagined it could grow to be.”

Ana Montilla, Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager, Verb
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Goorin Bros. featured image
Goorin Bros.

Founded in 1895, global hat, apparel and accessories brand Goorin Bros. instituted an affiliate marketing program and applied Refersion’s technology to heighten brand awareness while challenging customers to embrace their unique style.

“Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform is the fuel to excite our customer base into spreading the word of our brand all over town!”

Nicky Cutler, Social Media Manager, Goorin Bros.
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Simply Earth featured image
Simply Earth

Simply Earth, a family-owned essential oils brand, is redefining the world’s perception of essential oils with affordable products and a thriving ambassador program powered by Refersion.

“We wanted to work with an affiliate marketing platform that shared the same characteristics as our essential oils – simple and efficient. Refersion’s technology made managing scaling our affiliate program easier than we ever imagined.”

Hannah Mason, Ambassador Marketing Manager, Simply Earth
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Harney & Sons featured image
Harney & Sons

Learn how Harney & Sons, an American tea company, partnered with Refersion and Sezzle to reach a broader audience with a trackable, performance-based affiliate marketing strategy and increase AOV by 175%.

“By combining the power of Refersion, which helps us reach new audiences, with Sezzle, which reduces the barrier to purchase, our affiliate program has seen amazing results.”

Emeric Harney, Marketing Director, Harney & Sons
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Blenders Eyewear featured image
Blenders Eyewear

Discover how Blenders Eyewear, a fashion-forward D2C brand, implemented tools from Refersion and Klaviyo to strategically personalize, manage, and track their flourishing ambassador program for a 270% revenue increase.

“Refersion’s reports definitely make my life easier. Having clear reporting is super important, especially when it comes down to seeing all the revenue that the Blenders Street Team brings in.”

Marygrace LeGros, Street Team Manager, Blenders Eyewear
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In Common Beauty featured image
In Common Beauty

In Common Beauty partnered with Refersion and Absolute Web to prioritize inclusivity from salons to mobile devices, resulting in a seamless affiliate marketing experience and a 345% average monthly increase in salon-driven revenue.

“With so many hair salons shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, Refersion’s affiliate referral links were one of our main sources of revenue from our Pros, because of course, they weren’t buying products to retail in person at that time.”

Brianna Zukoski, Digital Marketing Manager, In Common Beauty
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Flooret featured image

Flooret, an innovative flooring company, combined key elements from Refersion and Upfluence to craft a robust strategy for finding new influencers and building long-term relationships.

“Refersion and Upfluence make influencer discovery, onboarding, and management simple, giving us more time to focus on building our long-term relationships.”

Ashlee Palka, Brand Manager, Flooret
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Pura Vida featured image
Pura Vida

Founded on the “pure life” Costa Rican philosophy, jewelry and accessories brand Pura Vida applied Refersion’s technology to scale their ambassador program and achieve a 590% revenue increase.

“Refersion’s streamlined technology enables the Pura Vida team to keep all of our reps organized and gives us a high-level look into their performance each month.”

Griffin Thall, CEO and Co-founder, Pura Vida
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