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Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Platform for Home & Furnishings

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Platform for Home & Furnishings

Over 60,000 brands use Refersion

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How do you cut through the noise if you are selling home furnishings, flooring and other household products online?

How do you cut through the noise if you are selling home furnishings, flooring and other household products online?

Finding authentic influencers and rewarding them takes significant effort. Using Refersion makes the process much easier and faster—you can track every click in every influencer marketing campaign for your home goods business. Find out more in the case study below.

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Flooret, a home flooring company, has generated over $1 billion in revenue through affiliates.

Refersion’s flexible affiliate management platform played a crucial role in scaling company growth. With a combination of store credit rewards and discount codes, the company’s influencer program is making a tremendous impact on the company’s revenue goals.

“Refersion has all the features we need, including the ability to generate the coupon codes in BigCommerce automatically.”

Ashlee Palka, Brand Manager at Flooret


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